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3D Graphic Immersion Solutions

The amusement industry sells $35 million roller coasters from nothing but compelling imagery. Let us help you sell your next big product or project by bringing your ideas to life!

Past Projects

Skywarp horizon Promo video

This stunning video successfully showcases how innovative and beautiful our Skywarp Horizon product is. The video is only 75 seconds but is powerful enough to grab your attention and pique your interest. So powerful, in fact, that it helped Skyline successfully sell the first Skywarp Horizon model.

Skywarp Orbit Promo video

This video was created entirely in-house at Skyline to introduce our newest thrill ride, Skywarp Orbit. The video successfully highlights all the benefits of this compact roller coaster and has drummed up interest from several potential new customers.

VR Tower Concept

Skyline created this one-of-a-kind virtual reality tower concept, combining the thrills of a miniature drop tower with the limitless capabilities of VR gaming. Not only did we create the animation for the tower, but we also created a set of video game concepts to demonstrate the attraction’s capabilities.

Skywarp Orbit one train Promo

Skyline created an additional video to show a modified version of the Skywarp Orbit. We demonstrated our commitment to detail by creating a whole new stage for the ride in this promo, “smashing” through a barn. The quick video also showcased our ability to add unique theming opportunities to any installation. 

Services offered

Product Renderings

• Highly-detailed digital renders of product ideas and proposals
• Conceptualizations and prototypes

Injection Molding

• Create .stp and other file formats for injection molding purposes
• Applicable for items like electronics, medical products, and automobiles

Product Animation

• Computer animated products and scenes for immersive representations
• Video better communicates product function to future clientele 

Product Development

• Prototyping and model creation
• Easily customize and adjust based off customer feedback

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why choose skyline?

Cutting edge 3D Immersive Technology 

Skyline’s “Park Walk Through” or “Park Flyover” product allows you to actually walk your clients through a space in virtual reality before even breaking ground.  This not only closes most deals thanks to how incredibly impressive it is, but it also saves thousands of hours in redesign because the customer can better visualize what they actually do and do not want.

“The Placement” package 

Our team takes actual settings, such as amusement parks, and can place a product into the real space and make it appear as though it has always been there.  This can be done in your application for placing equipment in a warehouse to see how it flows.  By helping the customer visualize the product in place, it greatly increases your chance of beating your competitors for the job. 

3D Live Animated Renders 

For smaller products or smaller budgets, we can provide life-like 3D renders that jump off the screen and drive your message home. Our conceptual renderings have been mistaken for real-life time after time, demonstrating how powerful they are.

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