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Mechanical Design &

if you are looking for innovation that eclipses your competition, you need a new perspective from the team that has lived on the edge of impossible engineering and brought the next generation of amusement rides to life

Past Projects

Services offered

Hoists, Cranes, & Monorails

• Structural analysis of hoists and cranes
• Overhead equipment and lifting design
• Complete drawing packages for cranes

Conveying equipment

• Conveyor structural analysis
• Flow analysis and routing for conveyors
• Consumer-oriented detail drawings

Construction Machinery

• Concrete equipment design
• Mixer design for industrial processes

Railroad Equipment

• Railroad switching equipment
• Railroad maintenance track set-up
• People-mover design and construction

Structural Steel Erection

• Structural steel detailing
• Structural steel analysis

Packaging Machinery

• Packaging machinery drawing packages
• Assembly manuals and all related technical documentation

Food Products Machinery

• Fabrication and assembly drawings
• Food product machinery structural analysis

Farm Machinery & Equipment

• Design and analysis of farm machinery
• Complete drawing package and all related technical documentation

Mining Machinery

• Mining equipment analysis
• Fabrication capabilities

Automotive Design

• Class A Surface development
• Computer animated renders for automotive design

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why choose skyline?

speed to market

We have the means of moving your product directly from design to prototype and then into production manufacturing, allowing for the fastest possible turnaround time and the lowest confusion on handoff from one entity to another.  Even if you have your own internal manufacturing ability, we can do it faster.

product production cost

Due to our close alignment with manufacturing, we are not just a typical engineering firm that designs in a vacuum and fails to take into consideration how the product will be made.  Our engineers have intimate knowledge of the manufacturing process that is built into the design of your products, exercising a formal step of “design for manufacturing” during our process.  This keeps your prototype and production prices as low as possible while achieving the greatest possible performance of the product.

Design for Maintenance 

Many design firms miss this critical design element.  Skyline’s experience in amusement ride maintenance design will help you and your end user by identifying life cycles of wear parts on your BOM and building ease of replacement into the design.  This increases customer satisfaction, increases spare parts sales, and reduces customer service expense in support calls.  

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