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Structural Design &

why continue to go through the "rinse and repeat" cycle most engineering firms offer through template design approach when you can actually be innovative and stand apart from the rest of the pack?

Past Projects

Services offered

Structural Steel Erection

• Structural steel detailing
• Steel structure analysis

Bridges & Tunnels

• Structural analysis for bridges
• Complete drawing packages and all related technical documentation

Pre-fabricated buildings

• Consumer-oriented detail drawings
• Assembly manuals and instructions

Pallets, Skids, & Containers

• Ergonomic container design
• Modular design

Non-Residential Construction

• Armatures for themed entertainment
• Detailed drawing packages for all types of construction

Architectural Services

• Digital 3D modeling
• Complete drawing package and technical document review

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why choose skyline?

unconventional structures

With Skyline’s amusement-based engineering background, there are few structural engineering firms with the ability to properly address the vast complexities of non-traditional structures.  Your project doesn’t have to be a 7-story stone snake or a life-size dinosaur for us to help you, but the fact that we can do those things (and that we have!) ensures that we can be exceptional in projects that fall outside of a typical engineering firm’s capabilities. 

Dynamic Applications

The multi-disciplinary team at Skyline has decades of experience in designing structures for dynamic applications, where understanding fatigue cycles and how to properly apply dynamic loads is important.  We’ve also worked in locations with high winds and high seismic activity, introducing additional changes that we’ve always overcome.

Adaptable to unusual & unique customer needs

Our team is highly adaptable to unusual and unique design requirements, even in fields that we haven’t yet provided design or engineering services to.  For example, Skyline recently worked on a unique exercise device that required our team to develop an intimate understanding of the human body and how it moves and builds muscle.  In the design and engineering of an articulating swim platform, the team digested all unique safety elements required for this unusual application. 

familiarity with industry codes & standards

Building amusement rides around the globe has necessitated a deep and thorough understanding of industry codes and standards. Skyline has worked with ASTM, ISO, TUV, CAL/OSHA, and a slew of others. Alongside our familiarity with these pre-existing standards, we’ve demonstrated time after time the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new local and national standards as needed.

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